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Orthomolecular nutritional science and medicine

The word orthomolecular comes from orthos (= Greek for good, or right) and molecules (the building blocks of our body) in other words the right molecular environment or optimal biochemical environment.


Do you want to live healthier, leaner and fitter?

We work together on your healthy emotional state and lifestyle. A holistic lifestyle intervention program based on a Christian outlook on life where all BRAVO factors (exercise, smoking, alcohol, food and relaxation) receive attention. You can also get a group discount on the premium program, just contact us for further details.

Knowing More About Our Service

The treatment consists of more than just the conversation with you in the treatment room. For example, We also perform calculations, search for something else for you, draw up tailor-made nutritional advice and, if necessary, have oral and / or written contact with your doctor. That time is part of the treatment time, regardless of whether you are present at it.