About Us

We help you with a healthy life, work and travel. From first aid and medical support to vaccinations, health check-ups and lifestyle programs. We do this with a team of doctors, nurses, assistants and coaches. We take care of everything that pertains to the traveller, employee or organization you can get the best out of yourself and push your limits every day. Whether it’s about work or vacation.

Only professionals who have completed the four-year HBO degree in Nutrition and Dietetics may call themselves a ‘dietitian’. This title is protected by law. After graduation, every dietitian is obliged to keep a good track of the profession, to build up sufficient work experience and to meet quality standards. Dietitians who meet these requirements are registered in the Quality Register.

The dietitian is practical
A dietitian is the expert in the field of nutrition for health and illness. But the dietitian is also a connoisseur when it comes to good food and the range in the supermarket and health food store. It is precisely this combination that makes it possible for the dietitian to give you very practical advice, with clear advice that you can apply immediately.

The dietitian advises personally
Every person has their own eating habits, taste and preferences. A dietitian therefore always provides customized dietary treatment. You will receive personal advice with the guidance that suits you. Only then will you succeed in following such advice and adjusting your diet and lifestyle.