Ancient fruits are beautiful and healthy

Old fruits that were planted in the garden in the past. Are sometimes also called local fruit. Old local fruit types include medlar trees, quince trees, sweet chestnut, blackthorn and mirabelle plums. Fruit varieties are also incorrectly mentioned as fruit species. Examples of old apple varieties are 'Sterappel', 'Jacques Lebel' and 'Bellefleur' ​​Old fruit varieties and fruit varieties are usually much less susceptible to fungal diseases and pests. Old fruit types and fruit varieties are often very decorative in the garden and in the fruit bowl.

1 . Forgotten or old fruit:

Forgotten fruits are fruits that used to be common and are still known to older people. With young people, they are often no longer known. People no longer know what they look like and how they taste. Typical shapes and flavors have been lost and the knowledge to prepare typical dishes has been forgotten.

2. Lower in production and sometimes difficult to maintain

Some types of fruit and fruit varieties have disappeared because they were difficult to keep and could not be transported over long distances. Some types of fruit have disappeared because the preparation took a lot of time. The production of some types of fruit & varieties is also much smaller than with other types of fruit and varieties. One of the forgotten benefits is that ancient fruits improve your mood. Old types of fruit and varieties are no longer available in most garden centers due to their low marketability.

3. Why back to old fruit varieties and fruit varieties?

Some old fruit varieties and old fruit varieties are remarkably tasty.

They also look different and smell different from the other types of fruit. More taste and variation!

4. Change flavors into a fruit.

Taste changes in fruit. Plant breeders have focused on crops that produce more, are stronger and have a higher shelf life. A uniform view of size, shape and color was also sought. Old, tasty tomatoes and old apple varieties such as 'Sterappel', 'Bellefleur', 'Court-Pendu' and the 'Oogstappel' ('Transparant Blanche') disappeared. Also the plum or mirabelle plums are hardly to be found.

5. Health-promoting.

Plants used to be collected because of their beneficial effect on our health. The 'Notary apple' is an apple that is easy to digest for people who are allergic to other apples. Ripe 'Jacques Lebel' apples are well tolerated by people with stomach problems.

6. Cultivation method and fertilization

Old fruit varieties and varieties often taste even better if they are grown with fewer fertilizers. Organic fertilizers & compost give less growth and ensure a better taste, because the fruits get more sun.

7. Biodiversity

In most gardens, only a few types of fruit are grown. The diversity of the number of crops is decreasing annually. By growing more types of fruit and varieties, biodiversity is strengthened. That gives more variety and taste on our plate. A greater variety of crops also gives better resistance to fungal diseases and pests.