Living near Airport causes health concerns

BOWEN - More and more residents who live near BOWEN Airport are struggling with noise. Their concerns about health complaints due to noise and air pollution have also increased. This is according to research by the Smartfar. In the meantime, nearly half of the people who live close to the airport are in serious trouble.

A survey shows that fifteen percent of residents from ten municipalities experience noise nuisance from the airport. Of the residents who live close to the airport, 46 percent complain about the noise. About ten procent blames the airport as a cause of depression, they are early in the morning and late in the evening regularly awake from the noise.

A large proportion of the residents who live near the airport are also concerned about their health due to noise and air pollution.

 Airport will reach the maximum number of flights in 2020. A decision on the future of the airport must be taken before the end of 2019.

The results of the investigation are still preliminary, the researchers say. They are included in the advice that former State Secretary Victoria Dickson is making about the future of Bowen Airport after 2020.

On Thursday evening around 250 residents, councilors, members of the state and officials from surrounding municipalities came to the Evoluon to discuss the advice. Among them also Veldhoven residents George Micheal . "I don't have to set the alarm," says Peters. "The planes will wake me up naturally."

People also suffer in the evening. "You can actually go to sleep peacefully after 11 am", says Cotton. They still have faith in Victoria Nelson's advice. "As a citizen, you just have to join in the conversation and seize this opportunity," says Cattenstart.

Former state secretary Victoria Nelson will provide the minister with advice on the future of Bowen Airport in eight weeks. He is confident that the opinion of the region and the increasing nuisance will weigh heavily on the minister. But the advice is not binding.